XD90 Integrated Transformer Station Test Van

XD90 Integrated Transformer Station Test Van

Handover tests, routine tests, repair tests and test in running condition. Almost all regular tests in substation can be done by our test van or be done with the help of our test van.

Design principle

  • We put all the test units on the one working platform.
  • Every test unit has own functions and can be developed separately. But it is controlled by central software.
  • Every test unit is designed according to working habits and environment to reach light and compact.
  • All the units are designed according to IEC 61850 and the communication system of industrial Ethernet. So it's easily to be expanded.
  • All the process control and data analyzing are done by central software according to IEC 61850.
  • Integrating all the supporting units for all the test units, we built a powerful supporting system for all the test units.


1. Outsides net power input.

2. Integrated test power output.

3. Communication channels. 

4. Central control unit.

5. Powerful lithium battery.

6. Exciting transformer.

7. Integrated controller.

8. Battery power converter.

9. Test power. 10. Cooling system.

1. General cabling of test unit.

 2. Cooling channel.

 3. Lead rail of test unit.

 4. Air lead channel of test unit.


  • Test unit integration: All the tests can be done by one PC/laptop. 
  • Communication Integration: All the communication channels of test units are designed according to IEC 61850.
  • Integrated power system: With substation power 220/380V, 50HZ, lithium power and test van generator power, we build a quite power system.
  • Integrated test power supply: The power from test van is a digital, powerful, frequency and voltage convertible power.  
  • Wiring system: We have an integrated wiring system to save wire connection time.
  • Test unit modularization: Test van has his own supporting system and the central test system. It supports separate test unit. So our test unit can be lighter and compacter.

Our test van is comfortable, reliable and convenient

  • All the test units are designed and checked under vibration conditions.
  • Failure insulation: All the test units work separately. When one test unit is wrong, the other test units can work without any problem.
  • Long distance tests: All the test units are designed with 30M long connection wire. We secure the anti-interference and precision of test data. The test unit can be took out and works as a sensor to get back the data, when the test van cannot reach the testing site.
  • Easy maintenance and improvement: It's easy to maintain and improve, because only a definite unit needs to be done.


  • The test van is designed strictly according to Chinese standards and IEC safety standards.  All the wrong and unsafe operations are not accepted by our software. The personnel in test van can see the site by our monitor system and can communicate with the personnel outside the test van. The Led panel outside the test van shows the condition of test. The personnel outside the test van know all.

Tests in one time cable connection

  • The tests of switch, DC resistance, turn ratio and short circuit impedance can be done in one time after wire connections. The tests of C & Tan Delta for all the windings and bushings can be done in one time.

Tests on line

  • We supply the Ultrasonic PD Detector, high frequency and extra high frequency PD detectors, TEV etc to test the equipments in running condition.

Usage of instruments from other brands and manufacturers

  • The oil testing instruments and Infraed camera from other manufacturers can be used in our software system.

Basic test instruments

DC resistance detector

Grounding connection parameter tester

Contact resistance meter

Short circuit impedance tester

Circuit breaker analyzer

DC high voltage generator

Resonant H.V. tester

Digital PD detector

C & Tan Delta Tester

PD on line test

Transformer OLTC detector

Infrared camera

Frequency response Analyzer

CT/PT tester

Turns ratio tester

For the international clients

  • Our tests van is designed and manufactured according to the Chinese relative standards. The chinese standards are similar as the international standards. But the chinese standards are not exactly same as the international standards in some parts. We can design and produce the test van according to client’s technical specifications and standards. 
  • We own all the intellectual properties in structure design. Any other part can not use same design and technology without our permissions.

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