XD61 series dielectric loss tester

XD61 series dielectric loss tester

It is suitable for measuring the dielectric loss factor and capacitance value of various high voltage electrical equipment.

Product features

  • Integration

            Built-in high-voltage bridge, variable frequency power supply, step-up variable and standard components, etc., can independently and automatically complete dielectric loss and capacitance measurement under 10KV.

  • Full-featured
            It can realize different methods such as positive connection method, reverse connection method, CVT self-excitation method, internal and external standard capacitance, internal and external high voltage, etc., and supports external resonant high voltage test power supply.
  • Anti-interference
           Built-in precision SPWM variable frequency power supply and precision spectrum technology based on Fourier algorithm, with strong anti-interference ability, can still accurately measure under 500% interference intensity.
  • CVT measurement
          With CVT self-excitation measurement interface, C1/C2 can be measured at the same time, and the high-voltage cable can be grounded.
  • Data processing
          It adopts industrial grade 32-bit ARM processing platform, built-in large-capacity memory, thermal printer, USB interface, and supports U disk.
  • Protece
          It has complete protection measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, breakdown, capacitance rise and grounding.
  • Field adaptability

           It adopts a special display in the field and is clearly readable under strong sunlight;               

          Top panel structure, suitable for field work without working platform;               

          The structure is firm and can withstand the shocks and shocks caused by frequent transportation, loading and unloading, and moving.

Technical parameter

  • High voltage output:range0.5~10KV;
  • CVT low voltage: 3-50V, 3-30A, accuracy 1.5%, 200mA;
  • Capacitance measurement: 3pF-1μF, accuracy ± (reading × 1% + 1pF);
  • Dielectric loss measurement: ± (1% + 0.00040);
  • Test frequency: range 45~55Hz, adjustment step distance 0.1 Hz;
  • Frequency selection bandwidth: 0.5Hz.

Product number

number name festure
XD6101 Dielectric loss tester
Conventional type, test power supply 10KV
XD6112 Dielectric loss tester
Foreign trade type, test power supply 12KV

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